hold your breath, swallow seven times. (preferthemoss) wrote,
hold your breath, swallow seven times.

Wow, LJ. What a blast from my past!

Logging in over here for the first time in well over a year is just mindblowing and sort of upsetting. It's incredible how much a person can change in the span of 18 months. But those 18 months for me formed the bridge between my adolescence and my adulthood. It shaped me into a different person. Perhaps not a better one... but different. And reading through some of these old works I've posted (or even just reading their titles and tags) makes me laugh, cry, cringe, spring for the delete button and wish for the days of long ago to come back.

I lost my touch at fic writing when I got more heavily involved into online role play. I was finding it difficult to remember what was canon and what was my own character development. I found it equally as hard to work the minds of multiple characters at once, without having a partner to bounce back onto. I also began to find it boring to write for no guaranteed or familiar audience. Will this fic ever get reads? Will it get comments? I'm not certain - but this role play post will.

Now though, I'm less concerned with the fun and allure of role play for it's interactivity and community feel. I've gotten it out of my system, so to speak, and I'm once again finding myself loving writing for the intimacy of it. A moment spent with myself and my favorite canons or new originals. A few days, a week, a month spent in a world that I can create for me. And for anyone who should so choose to join.

And, so, I am here writing this as a precursor to whatever is about to come. It's a thank you to all of the friends I've made here on LJ, as well as an apology - for whatever I may be about to create is likely going to feel much different than what you may be used to seeing from me. I may also consider archiving over at AO3. There is a lot of fic on this journal that I am not entirely proud of, both in content and in skill. But I can't seen to find the heart to delete or edit these old posts, they were such a big part of me. So instead of weeding the past, I'd like to more carefully build the future.

Those of you close friends and followers who may wish to keep updated, don't worry! I'll likely be posting (or at least linking) right here. Those of you who have no idea who this is popping up on your flist, I thank you for finding me friend worthy once upon a time, and I wish you well!

Enc. [All my love.]
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