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Say My Name, Wear It Out [Jared/Jensen]

Title: Say My Name, Wear It Out
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Office!Au, semi-public, slightly dub-conny (but not at all dark)
Spoilers: None
Words: 1,600
Summary: Working with Jensen Ackles is hell on Earth, until it feels like heaven. Or, "That one where hatred and unresolved sexual tension may be the same damn thing".
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. (Read full disclaimer here.)
Notes: Whoa! Hey look! I'm back! With Supernatural RPS, at that! God, it's been too long. This was something I started as a fill for some prompt in some meme, both of which I've lost. It's shameless porn, with cocky!Jensen, and blundering!Jared. There's coffee and Kleenex and sticky notes. You know. You know. Title by Rihanna.

Jared is sure that Chad had something to do with this. If that were at all possible. Because this? This is a fucking joke. There's no way anyone could ever expect him to sit two feet away from this guy all fucking year. Jensen, Jensen Ackles, the absolute bane of Jared's job. He was snarky and snappy and dear lord, not a morning person. He'd always steal Jared's coffee, even when he had his own fucking pot of it in the staff room. Dude thought caffeine was oxygen, Jared was sure. He'd complain when Jared would talk on the phone, and bitch even harder when he'd let his calls go unanswered. Jared had tried to be nice, at first. Tried to get him to stop being such a fucking dick, but no. Jensen Ackles?

"Such a fucking dick," Jared mumbled under his breath as he leaned over his desk, scribbling down notes on a pad of paper. He was aware that Jensen was, like, three inches away, and probably about to say something idiotic, like --

"What's that, Padalecki? Something about sucking a dick?"

Yeah, that.

"Yep," Jared sighed out his agreement, not even bothering to start this shit right now. "Wondering how much of it you got over the weekend."

Apparently, his mouth wasn't quite on good terms with his mind.

Jensen let out a bark of laughter, rough and low and cold. Familiar. "Oh, wouldn't you like to know."

Jared opened his mouth to reply, thinking for a moment. That wasn't the response he'd been expecting. They'd been down this road before, all "ass fucker" and "cock sucker" and whatever they could think of to make the other tick. But, "wouldn't you like to know?" How was he supposed to reply to that? Jared just coughed awkwardly, an attempt at some sort of closure to the conversation, but Jensen wasn't having it.

"You do, don't you?" His voice sounded closer, a little lower. "You wanna know how I suck dick. You wanna know if I got any over the weekend." Jensen sounded smug, accomplished somehow, and Jared felt his stomach do something weird. He hadn't ever actually been serious with the gay jokes. It was all just to fuck with Ackles, get him mad, get him... just mad. And nothing else. But, he'd never actually considered that he was gay.

"Well, did you?" Jared wasn't sure why he was asking, and he kept his head down as he did. Tracing his pen back over the lines he'd already made was serious business, after all. He heard Jensen shift in his chair, the wheels rolling, closer? Further?

Closer, Jared realized, as he could now see Jensen out of his peripheral vision.

"Do you want me to say yes?" Jensen leaned back against their cubicle wall, hands folded behind his head, like he didn't have a care in the world. Jared bit back a smirk as he imagined Jensen's chair tipping over.

"No." Jared shook his head slowly, still not turning to look. "Because that would mean you fucked around with some dude who wasn't me, meaning you obviously wasted your time." Jared: One, Jensen: Zero.

"Does this mean you want me to be fucking around with you, Jared?" Jensen's voice was too quiet, too warm. It was unfamiliar and uncharacteristic, and it put Jared on edge more than his words did. No, to answer the question, no. Jared was... well maybe he... maybe he'd jerked off over Jensen once, just once, and he was fucking drunk, okay? But Jensen was way too much of a dick to even consider. Still though, Jared didn't even have an idea of how to answer that. Not in a way that wouldn't make him sound like a five-year-old, anyway. He let the silence burn between them for a moment, until it was broken by Jensen repeating the question, closer and lower this time, sided up beside Jared, sitting at Jared's fucking desk as he asked the question that Jared had no clue how to answer.

Jared swallowed hard, deciding that being a five-year-old wasn't looking so bad right now. "Not in a million years." He said the words with difficulty, painfully aware of Jensen's fingers making their way up his thigh.

"You sure about that, Padalecki?" Jensen growled the words into Jared's ear, pressed up beside him, too close, too fucking close. His hand was spread out along Jared's leg, and Jared was honestly confused. It was wrong on so many levels, and he knew he shouldn't like it. He wasn't fucking attracted to Ackles, didn't like the guy at all. But Jensen's hand was moving up his leg, and Jared wasn't stopping it. Why wasn't Jared stopping it?

"I'm sure," Jared confirmed quietly, voice catching in his throat as Jensen's fingertips found their way into the groove where his leg met his hip, sliding down further until finally...

This was really bad.

"I don't think you are, Jared." Jensen brushed his fingers over the bulge in Jared's pants, which was achingly hard and hot and heavy. That didn't make sense, this wasn't supposed to be enjoyable.

"Uh, hey, um," Jared stuttered out an endless string of mumbled words, feeling his legs tense as Jensen Ackles popped the button on his fucking work slacks.

"You asked," Jensen shrugged, a motion that was casual and simple, almost friendly, as he worked the zipper down, a flinchingly audible rasp as Jared winced, leg twitching as he floundered, completely confused and disgusted and fucking horny.

"I... I wasn't asking for a demonstration," he ground out, turning his head to look at Jensen beside him, seeing his eyes full of a mischief that was almost joyous, something Jared had never seen before.

"But you're not declining one, are you, Padalecki?" Jensen lilted, voice low and rough, too close to Jared's ear, as he worked his hand into Jared's boxers, in the middle of their office, in the middle of the morning, and--

"Fuck, I... oh," Jared stuttered out a half-assed reply, squirming in his seat as his eyes darted wildly around the office, seeing little but the tops of other cubicles, all filled with people working, sipping coffee, answering phones, and not getting jacked off by their cocky co-worker.

"Looks like you like the way I handle dick," Jensen mused out lowly, lips brushing against Jared's ear, before trailing across his throat. His hand kept working in Jared's pants, fingers wrapped around his cock, thumb flicking over the head, effectively spreading precome down his shaft. It got real slippery real fucking quick, and Jared couldn't deny that Jensen knew what he was doing.

"I... you should st--" Jared tried, feeling all sorts of wrong as Jensen's hand dug down deeper into his boxers, making itself at home between his legs, fingers brushing Jared's balls teasingly before wrapping once again around his cock. "Mmm," Jared moaned in defeat, head falling back as his eyes slipped shut, lost to the feel of Jensen's warm, slick palm working him over. "Oh," he shot back up as Jensen's name ran through his head. Jensen. Ackles. Jensen Ackles.

Oh, this was so wrong.

"No, you, I... please," he begged out, a cry for the man to stop, or possibly squeeze a little tighter.

Jared wasn't sure anymore.

"What's the matter, Jared?" Jensen singsonged in his ear, low and breathy, fucking sexy, as he twisted his hand a little roughly, sending a warm shiver of lust through Jared's body as he felt his abs tighten.

"Stop, stop," Jared pleaded, words almost a sob before he bit at his lip, trying to hold back the moans that he knew would not be quiet.

"What's that? I can't hear you," Jensen prodded, sounding all too smug as he kept his hand at work in Jared's boxers, tenting them up around his forearm as he stroked him.

"Stop," Jared cried, voice broken and shaky as he slumped in his seat, legs falling apart further as his hips rolled into Jensen's hand.

"Stop what, Mister Padalecki?" Jensen teased darkly, squeezing tighter now, stroking faster.

"Stop fucking teasing, man!" Jared snapped, letting one hand fly down to press at Jensen's under his pants, shoving at it a little roughly, trying to get Jensen to stroke harder, faster, tighter, anything.

"That's it," Jensen cooed into his ear, biting at the lobe as he did things with his hand that Jared wished he could see happening, feeling pornographically skilled as Jared's thighs tensed up.

"Fuck," he cursed out, hands moving to the arms of his chair as he felt his cock twitch in Jensen's hand. "Fuck, fuck, you... you are such an ass... a-asshole," he sobbed out, words mumbled around his bitten lip as he came, hot spurts of come coating over Jensen's fist, melting between his fingers, soaking through Jared's boxers.

"What's this about an asshole, now?" Jensen replied calmly, extracting his hand before reaching across Jared's body to grab at the Kleenex on his desk. "You sayin' you want some of that, too?" He tisked low in his throat, as Jared tried desperately to steady his breathing.

"Fuck you," Jared gasped out, feeling too blissed and sated to really put any venom into it.

"Oh, fucking me, now, are we?" Jensen chided, shaking his head as he wheeled back to his desk. "So, you gonna finish that coffee, or..."


Tags: +gettin' jared padalecki laid, +jensen ackles' lips are pornographic, fandom: supernatural, pairing: (cwrps) jared/jensen, rating: nc17, type: fic
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