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You Left Your Lighter.

Say, does your grandma still make those awesome butter cookies?

hold your breath, swallow seven times.
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I'm super friendly, and I talk too much. I like strawberries and kiwis, and my body spray smells like coconuts. I can't function without music, and Regina Spektor makes my brain work better. I'm a sucker for chocolate covered cherries, and I think Jensen Ackles is pretty. My hair gets straightened when I try to look good, but more often than not, it's a wild, unbrushed fire. I like concerts that hurt my ears, and I also like to camp. I watch horror movies like my life depends on them, and read more serial-killer biographies than is healthy. I work in a bar, and always smell like vodka. I don't even drink. Much.


More often than not, the work that is posted here will be centric to either Supernatural or Glee. However, I'm a highly unpredictable person, and I tend to write some random shit, too.

Fandoms I love and stalk (but don't always actively participate in) are; Smallville, Saw, Percy Jackson, Vampire Diaries, Heroes, The Walking Dead, Inception, Star Trek RPS (who the fuck doesn't like to read about Chris Pine and Zach Quinto fucking), Kradam, Leverage, The Office, iCarly, Ghost Hunters, and I have a sick weakness for Jonas Brothers fiction. It's an issue.


Feel free to friend me at any time, if you wish to keep track of my journal. However, I probably won't friend back unless we've talked at least once, or I like the shit on your journal, too. Don't be afraid to drop me a line or a comment, I'm ridiculously easy to befriend. Also an issue. Defriending won't hurt my feelings, as my fandom phases come and go in waves. You friended me for my Glee slash and suddenly I'm posting nothing but Supernatural for five months? Yeah, it happens.


I claim ownership to nothing posted within this journal. The words are mine, other shit isn't. No copyright infingement is intended, nor am I making any money off my work. Credit goes to Ryan Murphy and Eric Kripke respectively. Full disclaimer post here.


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