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Fic Rec Masterlist; Sweet Shit I Read in 2011

So, I read fic. I read it a lot. And I'm kind of really into it, in the sense that I actually love to go back to re-read and rec things to others. I like to keep track of what I read, and, well... I kind of never do. I just literally read shit and move on, and then a month later I'm wishing I'd at least bookmarked it, or something. So, this post was made, as a sort of ongoing rec post in which I will link every worthwhile-of-mentioning fic I read in the year twenty-eleven. Yeah. It's gonna get huge.

This isn't really an official rec post of any kind; I won't add any suggestions (unless I read them), and I'm not really confident in presenting this to anyone as a source. It's more of a track record, just for myself, buuut if you happen to find it useful, then I'm glad I could help. Likewise, just because something isn't on this list, doesn't mean I haven't read it. I'm literally only linking out fics read within this year.

Anywhore, this is all TL;DR now, so I'll just STFU and get to it. Onward, son!


J2 (Jensen/Jared)

Title: Don't Let it Go To Waste
Author: kinkynicky
Rating: NC-17
Words: 14,000
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary:Growing up in Texas is hard. Growing up in Texas and realising at the age of 16 that you’re in love with your male best friend? Is harder.
Comments: This story is surprisingly well developed and fleshed out for being just 14k. Not that that's a length to brush off, mind you, but I can't really recall a time ever that a story under 30k has really gripped me so tightly and had me this invested in the plotline. The supporting cast was brilliant, and if this author ever wrote a Tom/Sophia timestamp to this 'verse, I'd totally fucking read it. Het. Me. Read. Yeah. Also? Mini J2 was totally cute, it's now my personal canon that they were bff's at five years old, and totally had Luke Skywalker and Han Solo toys.

At lunch they’d trade all their food, and Jared even started asking his mom to fill his sandwiches with tuna just so Jensen would smile big when they switched. Jensen liked tuna. A lot. Jared didn’t. And with tuna being the only subject they ever disagreed on, Jared considered them the bestest friends in the world.

Title: I'd Kick Ass on a Test About You and Me
Author: dugindeep
Rating: NC-17
Words: 26,000 (plus multiple timestamps unaccounted for)
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jared rocks at Calculus, but he fails at paying attention when it comes to Jensen.
Comments: Mmm, college AU, how delicious you are. I like my slash, mmkay? As in, I get terribly bored with het and gen, to the point where I can't even justify reading through it. With that being said, this fic has such amazing characterization and friendshippy character interactions that I could honestly have sat and read 30k of gen fic about this author's version of the boys in this 'verse. Wal-Mart? It was awesome. Slight warning; the Jared/Sandy is pretty fucking heavy here. But, she's the cutest lil fruit fly ever, and I think she's totally lovable. So, unless you've got a serious hate-on for the girl, I'd call it good.

Also; have a hardcore porny timestamp. Amy Winehouse. Heh.

Mike and Jared share a shrug before Mike goes on. “You gonna play or what? Misha and Jensen are coming.”
“Jensen?” Jared asks, a bit too interested, especially for eight in the morning on a Saturday.
Chad counters with a gravelly, “Misha?” as he pushes his way back into the room.
“Yeah. Guy I know.” Mike shrugs then looks to Jared, punching at his shoulder. “You coming?”

Title: There's a Piece of a Puzzle Known as Life
Author: strippedpink
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.
Comments: This is an impressively well written AU in which Jensen is the flirty hotass roomate of one Jeff Padalecki. A trip back to Jeff's house for his little sister's birthday is the catalyst that throws Jensen into the life of yet another Padalecki. He's hot and he's flirty, and also underage. Angst. Schmoop. Angst. Angst. Porn. Angst. Shit happens. I'm not entirely sure how I personally feel about this one. It's sad and awkward and I kind of ended up rooting for pairings that weren't J2, to be honest, but I'm comfortably reccing this anyway, because it's superbly well-written, has some sex scenes I did not mind picturing, and a plot that I can safely say I hadn't encountered in this format until now.

“Yes, mama,” Jared said between bites, and Jensen flushed warm at the endearment. God, he was so far gone that he was turned-on by the idea of Jared being a sweet little mama’s boy now? This was so beyond the realm of bad.


Title: A Breath Away From Where We Are
Author: annkiri
Rating: NC-17
Words: 34,000
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Sandy/Jared, Danneel/Jensen
Summary:Sometimes it takes a while to see what is right in front of you.
Comments: A sweet, slow tale of boys being idiots. I swear to god, men are downright oblivious. It's a well-rounded story, with all the right measurements of angst, humor, schmoop, and smut. However, it's kind of a strange bizzaro land tale when it comes to the supporting cast, in which Chris and Chad are smart, sweet and supportive, Danneel is, well, likeable, and Sandy's kind of a bitch. Yeah... that was odd to me, too. But it all worked in the long run, and I don't regret reading a word of it.

But even though he keeps silent, it doesn't mean he doesn't watch Jensen. Jensen laughing with Melissa, his hand on her arm, and cheeks a little flushed, while she leans her head in to hear what Jensen is saying. Or when Jensen is standing around with Pete, one of the prop guys, the one who knows all about the guns and rifles used on the show, asking a question, his fingers brushing Pete's as the colt is handed off.

Title: Breathing in the Space You've Come to Inhabit
Author: annkiri
Rating: NC-17
Words: 40, 000
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Sandy/Jared, Danneel/Jensen, Tania/Jensen
Summary: Sometimes, if you wait long enough, you can get what you want.
Comments: Best. Danneel. Ever. Almost ever. Okay maybe ever. This is the Jensen POV companion piece to the above linked fic, and I suppose it could be read alone, it makes well enough sense, but if you're really gonna pick just one, choose the former, I insist.

It's one thing to find a guy attractive and another entirely to want to lick his neck just so he can hear more Texas fall from his lips. And Jensen doesn't have time for those sorts of thoughts, especially over a guy he's maybe doing a pilot with that won't even get picked up. Mixing up homesickness and lust is such an amateur thing to do anyway.

Title: A Room With You in It
Author: yourperiphery
Rating: R
Words: 28,000
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Jared/Sandy, Jared/Adrianne, Jensen/Danneel
Summary: in which jared and jensen are clueless for an entire year. and there's a road trip.
Comments: I don't even know where this monster epic came from. It just kind of jumped at me after being in hiding forever, I suppose. How the hell else could I not have ever read this before? It's sweet and slow-building, and it's actually rather believable (save from the whole Jared-ego-monster that appears in chapter one, it goes away, I swear). Plus it has this; On the couch, Mike leans in and kisses Tom's cheek sloppily. "If I was going to go gay," he says, "it would be for you, you gigantic hunk of man meat," which you fuckin' know I like, lol. But also? Jensen and Jared have this Samn'Dean-like roadtrip for a while that just blows my mind with awesomeness. It should happen irl, I insist to them that it should. And it's thanks to this fic that I now know who Ray LaMontagne is. It's also full of dozens of references that will always make me laugh and think of boys being adorably oblivious boys when I watch 27 Dresses or Grey's Anatomy. I'm liking this one.

Jensen has three tiny gray hairs in his beard, up next to his right ear. Jared likes that he knows that.

Title: Clone-A-Willy
Author: nemo_88
Rating: NC17
Words: 12,000
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: He hadn’t actually seen one of these things - plastic penises of course, Jensen had had his share of the real deal - and fuck it, his curiosity got the better of him. It just looked so fucking real.
Comments: Aha. Ha. Heh. Oh, the crack. In which Jared makes a dildo copy of his cock for Sandy, and Jensen (who's harbouring a painfully sappy crush on his co-star) is rather ~interested in it. This fic doesn't take itself seriously, that's for goddamn sure; the whole thing reads as some half-formed musing torn from the pages of Chad Michael Murray's brain. Or something. But although I rarely read crack, and am even less likely to like it, I kind of have a soft spot for this one. It's hilarious and ridiculous and out-of-character and unbelievable, but at the same time, the author interjected a truly impressive amount of fandom-notes into the plot of it, and I didn't feel like the boys were just aliens using familiar names. I won't say it's the best written piece of work in existance, or that I'll ever put it at the top of a rec list. But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was, and will likely re-read when I need a good laugh.

By now, Jensen's started to believe that the damn thing was following him. A fucking stalker dick at its best game. Running around turning gay people on. Should be illegal. And in Jensen’s drunk brain, that actually made sense and seemed incredibly plausible.

Title: Home
Author: munibunny
Rating: NC17
Words: 12,700
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary:They've been living together for nearly six months. How's Jared supposed to deal with suddenly falling in love with his best friend?
Comments: I'm ridiculously impressed with the way this fic is heartmeltingly adorable, but at the same time, not that kind of schmoop that just rots my brain and makes me wonder if the author somehow believes that the boys are actually thirteen year old girls. It's just very real, and the detail is astounding. Jared's mom steals the show at one point, in the absolute best way possible. And I swear to Chuck that the first six-ish paragraphs alone make all 12k completely worth the read. If it were possible to have a Human/Fiction marriage, I'd totally put a ring on this. And I have to admit that it actually made me crush on Jensen even harder. Damn him and his pretty green eyes. (Featuring some background Chris/Steve, which is always a good thing, also.)

But this is Jensen, his best friend, the guy who’s seen the best and worst of him over the last four years. It has to mean something that with all of the craziness that surrounds their lives, they’re still together and still so… happy.

Title: Win-Win Situation
Author: mediaville
Rating: NC17
Words: 11,700
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: The (plot device) made us do it! The boys have to make out on camera.
Comments: Uh. That awkward moment where toppy!dirtytalking!Jared breaks your brain to the point of incoherency, thus rendering you inable to write reviews.

Jared’s face is flushed and his hair is neatly combed but still wet enough to dampen the back of his t-shirt, and he basically looks delicious. Not that Jensen notices any of that. Because his phone’s default settings really do need to be customized, and there’s no time like the present.


KINN (Kurt/Finn)

Title: Sugar and Spice and Absolutely Nothing Nice
Author: audaciously
Rating: PG13
Words: 6,000
Pairing: Finn/Kurt
Summary:Kurt has to bake pies for Dalton's annual Valentine's Day party and Finn, who had driven up to Dalton under the pretense of cheering up a morose Kurt, attempts to help him. Except Finn can't bake, Kurt is awful at talking about his feelings, and Blaine has the worst timing ever.
Comments: I have a thing for Finn baking now, seriously, it was fucking adorable. I don't think I ever stopped smiling. I want Finn Hudson in my liiiffee. D:

For a split second, Kurt gets a gleam in his eye that's reminiscent to the look he used to wear when he was crushing on Finn. But it passes quickly and he shakes his head, a slow, fond smile taking its place instead.

KURTOFSKY (Kurt/Karofsky)

Title: These Are the Golden Days
Author: abusing_sarcasm
Rating: PG-13
Words: 28,000
Pairing: Kurt/Karofsky
Summary: "So, several months ago, Dave Karofsky sent me a letter."
Comments: This is a rather long and slowbuilding fic that stole my heart in seven seconds or less. It's based in canon, with Kurt at Dalton, and Karofsky being forced into formally apologizing to him (via letter) on Bieste's orders. It sparks off a rough and not-always-entirely-polite penpal style correspondence, and left me feeling ridiculously happy. The author marks this story as PG-13, but, uh... I don't think any other fic has ever gotten me so hot in my life. I kinda wanna call this one at least an R, just to be safe. ETA: Oh, also, I don't think there's anything in the world more adorable than Dave calling Kurt 'Dork'. Just sayin'.

"Sam said Karofsky's been asking about you!" Mercedes says in her best juicy-gossip voice. Kurt's heart starts to beat double-time.

Title: (Affection Is) What Drives Someone
Author: catbird_tales
Rating: NC17
Words: 20,000
Pairing: Kurt/Karofsky
Summary: From kissing Hummel to hockey, Dave has a tendency to live his life on impulse. Usually, this ends in disaster, but just sometimes it all turns out okay.
Comments: This is incredibly angsty and not at all gleeful (I thought my heart was going to fracture in chapter three), but it's well written and worth the read, and I can't say I didn't fall in love with it by the end. Also, for those who aren't quite yet feelin' Karofsky in fic, but want to? This. If you don't fall in love with him after this one, you simply never will. And that would be tragic.

Dave watches them walk away and has to quash the sudden urge he has to chase after them, demand that they tell him about Hummel and his apparent unhappiness. Dave had figured the kid was happy as a clam in his bully-free paradise. It's the only thing that's kept Dave from feeling guilty all the time these past few months. But if Hummel wasn't happy, if he wanted to come back to McKinley but wasn't because of Dave, then that places the source of his unhappiness squarely back on Dave's shoulders.

Dave's in his car and driving down Route 33 before he's even aware of leaving McKinley.

PUCKURT (Puck/Kurt)

Title: (Home Is) Wherever I'm With You
Author: carolinecrane
Rating: NC17
Words: 77,000
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Summary: In a semi-utopian future where Senator Burt Hummel succeeds President Obama and becomes the People's President, Kurt Hummel is his 19-year-old politically active, always fashionable son. Noah Puckerman is a Secret Service agent assigned to Kurt's security detail. Noah's just trying to get out of Ohio, but as usual, the universe has other plans.
Comments: Reading this is like watching a really fucking good movie. You know, if movies took full days to get through. It's entirely AU, which I really, really like, and the slowburn is slooow, which I'm also a fan of. The characters really take the time to build on each other before getting involved, and that's something I can really appreciate. The plot is so good that it almost doesn't need the slash; it's gripping and thrilling and scary and awesome, but if there wasn't any slash, well, then we'd miss out on really adorable flirting and a lot of heartpounding text messages.
But the part that really bugged Noah was the way Kurt fawned all over every idea Blaine had, all, “That’s such a great idea, Blaine,” and “You’re so talented, Blaine,” and “If you think we should go with the magenta then that’s what we’ll do, Blaine.”

RAREPAIRS (Are/Awesome)

Title: Bad Touch
Author: xsaturated
Rating: PG-13
Words: 6,000
Pairing: Blaine/Will
Summary: Prompt: "After deciding that he likes the freedom of performance that goes on in New Directions, Blaine decides to ditch Dalton for McKinley. Cue Will being the school tour guide, showing Blaine the ropes, and obviously possibly more. UST, schmoop, smut, I don't even care, just.... just go. Go now."
Comments: So, biased fangirl is biased, since I'm the one who left the summary prompt. However, what I got in return for it was so much more than I'd ever expected. It's a beautiful piece of fiction that doesn't feel like fiction. I think I might have to consciously remind myself that this didn't happen while I'm watching the show. It's heartbreaking and exciting, and it's got humor, and Blaine in suspenders, and Schue with an understated tie kink, and Santana being total HBIC, and Karofsky with depth, and student/teacher flirtation that's got just enough angst and scandal to make it risky, but not so much that you feel like a total pervcase for reading it. In short ('cause yeah, this is getting long); beautiful.

He’s almost positive the smirk Santana shoots him as she and Brittany leave, hooking pinkies as they walk and leaving Blaine dripping and sticky and alone in the hallway with him, has nothing to do with getting off Scot-free.


Title: Occupational Hazard
Author: xsaturated
Rating: PG-13 (Is there such a thing as, like... PG-16? Like... is that a thing?)
Words: 6,500
Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Finn Hudson
Summary: "I'm going to get fired for making out in front of The Swiss Family Robinson." or, the one where Blaine is the worst librarian you'll ever meet. Library!AU
Comments: Holy. Fucking. Library. Yeah no, really, that's all my brain's got right now. But because I obviously can't leave it at that, I'll add that it's written beautifully, has Puck being an awesome BFF, Wes being fucking hilarious, Finn being awkward and Finn-Like, and Blaine being the sexiest cock-tease of a sweater-vest wearing librarian in the history of ever.

Then he remembers that, oh, that guy actually just got knocked on his ass by an enthusiastic six year old and then interrogated about his dinosaur preferences and he isn't even being an asshole about it and Finn is standing there smiling awkwardly at him.


PINTO (Chris/Zach)

Title: Office Hours
Author: the_deep_magic
Rating: NC-17
Words: 17,400
Pairing: Chris/Zach
Summary: College AU with Zach as the young adjunct prof and Chris as his student.
Comments: Awwww. Excuse my schmoopery. I just finished reading this and it's really all I can say. But seriously, though, it was well paced and interesting, with a supporting cast that continually stole the spotlight in the best ways possible. I'm glad I finally read this.

“You know, in ancient Athens, it was common for teachers to pursue sexual relations with young male students as part of their moral education,” Simon said casually, sipping his drink with his pinky held aloft.

Everyone grimaced. “They don’t let you near schoolyards, do they?” Karl asked.

QUINCHO (Zach/John)

Title: Homoville
Author: withthepilot
Rating: NC17
Words: 28,000
Pairing: Zach/John
Summary: John Cho and Chris Pine work at an entertainment magazine. Fresh out of the closet after a bad divorce, John braves New York's gay dating scene with Chris' special brand of encouragement. After a few Craigslist disasters, John meets Zach Quinto, who seems like John's polar opposite but may be his perfect match after all.
Comments: For anyone who's had a bad day and wants to get absolutely fucked-up and lost in a world of Star Trek RPS AU, this fic is fucking gold. It's extremely sincere and genuine, and awkwardly hilarious. It's also got an almost John/Chris/Zach/Karl vibe running throughout (via unintentional flirtation and innuendo), without actually overstepping those borders, making for a really entertaining plot. Featuring Chris as John's most awesome BFF, and Karl as Chris's hopelessly devoted boyfriend. With a side of Zoe/Anton, and Kristen (once again) being awesome, as well as an eventual appearance by the horniest version of fic John Cho I've ever encountered, which, yeah... totally not a bad thing.

He touches his glass to Zach's and feels a tingling sensation in his fingertips. He suspects it's either his own version of love at first sight or a stroke, and for once, he's willing to believe in the less catastrophic option.

URBINE (Chris/Karl)

Title: Disco Stick (aka Karl Can't Dance or the Lady GaGa Chronicles)
Author: withthepilot
Rating: NC17
Words: 9,000
Pairing: Chris/Karl
Summary: Karl can't dance but Chris can. So can Zach. Cue some smitten, irrational, jealous fervor, Kiwi-style.
Comments: Oh, the crack. I mean, clearly, it is Urbine fic based on Lady GaGa. Well, kind of. I say kind of, because... there's also basketball, which kind of stole my heart. And there's Zach being all annoying and pedantic, and Zoe being awesome and amazing, and John being boring and married, and, honestly.... I now regret putting off this fic for so long.

And it's always, "Oops, sorry, Zach just got here, gotta go" or "Oh, man, I almost forgot I had plans tonight!" or "Zach is on the other line, tell me about the rest later." It's always Zach, Zach, Zach. And Karl is fucking sick of it. He's been drowning his sorrows in burritos for lack of anything better to do and miraculously, he hasn't yet gained any weight. Probably because he's afraid Chris would notice if he did.

Title: Lovers in The Backseat
Author: withthepilot
Rating: NC17
Words: 2,000
Pairing: Chris/Karl
Summary: Karl's original plan was to have sex with Chris on their group camping trip. Change of plans.
Comments: Holy fucking car sex. But also, the UST in the first half was unbearably sexy. Guilty pleasure fic of the week.

The car swerves suddenly and Karl has to grab the door handle to keep upright. His heart is going a mile a minute and continues to beat frantically, even after the car's stopped. When he looks up again, he sees that they're in a dark, wooded area, completely secluded, surrounded by utter blackness.



Title: Wanted
Author: smutjunkie
Rating: NC17
Words: 2,600
Pairing: Karl Urban/Dean Winchester
Summary: Takes place sometime pre-Supernatural, on a day when Dean is loose and lonely and looking for company.
Comments: Aside from being ridiculously hot porn on the most basic level possible (I mean, seriously, zero plot is present), the feel of the scene is surprisingly memorable. Not to mention believable, which is impressive, since, um... Karl Urban/Dean Winchester. But, she worked it out, I have to say!

“God damn, you bastard, I do not have time for this.” Dean pushed off from the wall, hard enough to rock Karl a few steps back, and shoved his jeans down to the floor. He stalked towards Karl with a dangerous light in his eye, one foot catching behind his ankle so he could shove the older man all the way off balance and down onto floor, thin carpet doing little to cushion his fall.

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